Halloween View of Boston: Skyline Photos From The Hill At Mount Auburn Cemetery


I found a new and beautiful view of the Boston skyline from the parking at the base of the tower in Mount Auburn Cemetery. You can also view and download these photos here.



You can drive to this location in Mount Auburn Cemetery. The photo I took were taken from the car window; not from the tower. (You can climb to the base, not sure if the tower itself is open.)



Here's the Google Earth photo showing the tower. The pictures were taken from the road at the base of the stairs.


Here's the view from the car. I used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 (a $250 compact camera that I HIGHLY recommend). This is with its 25mm equivalent wide angle. The other photos are with it's 150mm equivalent. (It has a 12x zoom that can go to 300mm!) The photos were taken hand-held, at 1/100 sec. The camera has an optical image stabilizer that make a tripod unnecessary.


Here is a remarkably accurate view from Google Earth, showing Boston's skyline with the 3D buildings layer turned on.


As the sun moved, the lighting changed minute by minute.


The same view from Google Earth. Not bad!


If you double click on the Google Earth KMZ file below, you'll get what happens in this movie. How cool is that? A zoom from space to the very spot where I took these photos.

Part 2: @billwarner's #MassTLC unConference photostream - What an amazing day!

Here is another set of photos from my camera during the MassTLC 2010 unConference on Thursday, October 14, 2010
These photos are also available on the Facebook page for the event at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=33768&id=146968118681646. I added a bunch of captions on Facebook to help with tagging.

Also Dan Bricklin posted an amazing 400 beautiful photos on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/danbricklin/sets/72157625162266374/ These are available in a variety of resolutions, including full resolution and all can be downloaded and used under the Creative Commons With Attribution license.

Later, I will post to Flickr or some other site that will allow download of the full resolution photos contained here.

I love Boston. I love Cambridge. I love it here. What an amazing day! #masstlc

It's 5am and I already woke up. So many thoughts from today!

I fell in love with Boston the first time I came here, in 1976. My sister was going to school here. I grew up in New Jersey, and my exposure to a city was New York. Huge, imposing...yes exciting... but surrounded by a moat and you had to pay a toll to get in.

My first impression of Boston was that it was so beautiful, so compact, so walkable, and so inviting. I came in 1977 to go to MIT, and I've been here ever since. The city, the region, and the people just keep getting more amazing. I love it here.

Today, we had the MassTLC Innovation 2010 unConference. It was an amazing event. I'll say more later, but for now:

Thanks so much to everyone who made this event just awesome!

Check out this tweet roll (Thanks Chris Myles) http://masstlcun.blogspot.com/p/masstlc-tweets.html

Check out these amazing photos: (Thanks Dan Bricklin) http://bit.ly/bOMJEi 

Okay, back to bed. Thanks everyone! Wow.

Congratulations to David Cohen and Brad Feld on "Do More Faster"

David Cohen and Brad Feld collaborated to create TechStars, and now they have expanded that collaboration in a new book called "Do More Faster." Like TechStars itself, this book too much of its input and energy from the mentors who help the entrepreneurs in each TechStars city. (Now Boulder, Boston, New York and Seattle.) I wrote two of the chapters in the book, and I look forward it its release in a few weeks. You can pre-order the book here.

I'm excited that David Cohen will be one of our volunteer experts at MassTLC Innovation 2010 at Boston Seaport World Trade Center on October 14, 2010. In addition, five companies on our roster of Sponsored Entrepreneurs are TechStars graduates.

Brad and David will be in Boston on October 21 for the Do More Faster book tour. They are also going to these cities:

12OCT   Palo Alto
14OCT   Los Angeles
15OCT   Seattle
18OCT   Denver
19OCT   Boulder
21OCT   Boston
25OCT   New York
28OCT   Chicago
08NOV  Raleigh/Durham

Here are some selected photos from my first exposure to TechStars, when I visited there in December 2008.
David Cohen takes a break in his office in the "Bunker" in Boulder. TechStar's offices are in the basement in a modern office building right in the middle of downtown Boulder. The place used to be a health club, and the Jacuzzi is still there, but dry. David's office is windowless, but the space is painted very brightly and natural light does pour down the main stairway.
Brad Feld at one of our meetings in Boulder. He took me to so many companies, I can't remember where this photo was taken. But I think that climbing man sculpture will answer the question.
David Cohen with Andrew Hyde. Andrew Hyde has spent four years working on TechStars and is also the founder of Startup Weekend. Andrew is embarking on year off, which he describes here
TechStars provides working space for the companies in each session. When I visited in December, the summer session had long ended, so this room was lightly used.
How many startup accelerators come with their own locker room?
Fast forward to Boston, June, 2010. This is TechStars Boston Demo Night, our second one.. The room was packed, and investment committments were made right then.
Shawn Broderick, our Executive Director for Boston, stands in our space used for the first two years of TechStars. We should call it the "unBunker" While it lacks the colorful paint or the locker room, it does have amazing amounts of natural light, and really high ceilings. It's on the top floor of the old Cambridge Electric Light Company building in Central Square, so it got the name "The Penthouse."
Our TechStars Boston space occupied the top floor of this building for TechStars Boston 2008 and 2009.
Here's a photo (well, two photos) of the company sheet from Demo Day 2010. It's really been great working with David, Brad and Shawn, and all 19 of the companies and their founders and co-founders. I look forward to TechStars Boston 2011, starting in March 2011.