"Just Give the Most Inspiring 2 Minutes of Your Life" : A Behind-The Scenes Look at the #MassTLC 2010 unConference

The MassTLC Innovation 2010 unConference was a huge success. I am so thankful to the volunteer experts who had over 300 1-on-1 meetings with entrepreneurs, and to all the people who came and created an agenda with over 100 sessions in 31 venues. On the day of the event, I enjoyed shooting video. This year, I captured some nice behind-the-scenes footage on the morning of the event. I've edited them together so you could get a sense of what it was like leading up to the opening. Enjoy!

Grab a Beer. Watch This. Seth Priebatsch is Going to Change the World

Seth Priebatsch and his company, SCVNGR, are hot. Seth's company has raised venture capital, grown to 60 people, and moved into a new company headquarters. If you've never met Seth, you really should watch this video. Seth has amazing energy, insight and enthusiasm. Seth is one of our experts at the upcoming MassTLC Innovation 2010. Normally our experts will do three one-on-ones in an hour. But after editing and watching this video, I have an idea. Seth, how about you do six one-on-ones in your hour? Not kidding!

Want to meet Seth, and people like him? (Okay, scratch that...there are no people like him.) Anyway, you should register here.