Thoughts on "Anything But Work" Pre-Party 6PM Wednesday Oct 13 NERD Center Cambridge

Don't miss this event! All registered attendees are already on the list at NERD. And you can bring a guest! Ideally, please RSVP at If you forget, and you're registered for the unConference, just come! You're on the list.
I was thinking about how parties and play mix with meetings and work.
Some words seem important, serious and valuable, like "work" and "focus" and "goal."
Some words seem friendly and frivolous, like "party" and "play" and "fun".
For MassTLC 2010, we've got both. And both are part of an overall scheme to drive innovation. The scheme is simple: help people get to know each other, help them meet in work settings (at the unConference) and in casual settings (at the Anything But Work pre-party). But mainly, get them to have fun doing what they love, both in their field of work, and in their field of play.
I urge you to not to miss this party. You'll party and play and have fun. And it will help you with your work, your focus and your goals.