She-Devils and Upside-Down Hackers in Photos from Vampire Hackathon 2012

Hosts Nick Tommarello and Mike Norman survey the crowd at Vampire Hackathon 2012
Anna Callahan came dressed as an elegant vampire. See the full photo set - she draws blood (well, almost.)
Coding devil Sherry Zhao sneaks up on an unsuspecting hacker.
Julia Winn poses for a classic Halloween/British Phone Booth combination.
Angel investor and Wefunder backer James Alvarez enjoyed the action. Word on the street is that he did not do any coding.
Wefunder co-founder Mike Norman wields his video camera looking for postable moments.
And finally, this. Can you figure out what's going here? Thanks to some willing models - Fredrik Kaupang and Elise Moussa.

Here is the full set of photos: (online and downloadable here)