Repost: Laptop-Like Love from the iPad: Add a Stand and Apple Wireless Keyboard for Vacation "Work"

I'm spending this week on Cape Cod, and I've been really surprised how much work I've been able to do on my iPad with addition of two inexpensive items: A Brookstone Stand -- $49 iPad 1 or 2 -- (I can't link text in the iPad version of the mail client, so here's the link in all its glory: , and the Apple Wireless Keyboard (Google it!) that now comes standard with desktop Macs. (and which I've been using for years)

So, why not just bring a laptop? The new ones are small and have long battery life. Ah, but they let you do too much! You can create big spreadsheets, or do lots of work on a PowerPoint. With the iPad combination, its mainly email and web surfing, and that's enough to keep various fires alive while you're away.

And then, I grab the iPad, take it to the kitchen to watch a TV show on Hulu +. Just remember to press and hold the power button on the keyboard or the iPad will be looking for the aluminum wonder every time text is required. When you turn the keyboard on again, the iPad will automatically reconnect. Very nice.

Having the little iPad in the stand reminds me that it's time to relax. And sometimes that means just getting that last email taken care of. So easy with a real keyboard, especially the one I've already been using all these years.

[Note: This is a repost. The first one had the wrong Brookstone Stand. Why the error? Their page has a Flash animation that I couldn't see. (Brookstone: Meet HTML5)  Also, the photo was missing from the original post. I had used cut/paste including the photo when I created the email to upload to Posterous. I think something happened. So on this repost, I used "work" in quotes. Still I can do email quite well with my stand and keyboard setup. I'm uploading this for the second try via email. Let's see how this one works.]