Photos: You Co-Work, Lets Co-Party - Good Times at the #TechCoParty at Kingston Station!

What a simple lead-in: "You Co-Work, lets Co-Party"

Here are photos from a really fun Co-Party held tonight at Kingston Station in Boston. Hosted by Ben and Sonciary of Promobox, Ryan and Sravish of Kinvey, Nick of Escapist, Raj of Localytics, Dave of the Tap Lab, Ben of Indie Ambassador, and Brent & Jesse of Evertrue. The event was sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, Dogpatch Labs, Gunderson Dettmer, Silicon Valley Bank, Goodwin Proctor, Avalon Ventures, Atlas Venture, Boston Seed, and Magners Irish Cider. Wow, quite a list. Importantly, this meant that for a nominal $30 cover, there was food and an open bar! Further proof that co-working is fun and efficient, and when you add the right hosts and sponsors, co-partying works pretty darn well too.

Here are an assortment of photos from the action: (also available for prints and download at this link)