New Blog Post: The Big Dig Fuels Boston's Delightful "Endless Stroll"

Have you been thinking of traveling to Europe this summer so you can take long strolls by the water, sit and have a romantic dinner outside, and enjoy architecture from the 1700s? No need for an airplane flight. Just go to Boston's gigantic Harborwalk, which snakes along the waterfront for a delightful, endless stroll. Here are some photos. Above is near Lewis Wharf in the North End.

How beautiful is this?

Go in the evening, and the light streams through the trees. So beautiful. And so close!

Lewis Wharf was renovated long ago, but the Harborwalk has made it an integral part of the endless stroll.

Lewis Wharf.

Old meets new.


Like I said...the endless stroll.

Lots of water fountains that kids can play in.

These are not marketing pictures. This is just how it looks! And it goes on and on and on.

I'm not making this up. I just roamed around with my camera. Some 30 feet below this dog, cars and trucks are roaring under the city.

Customs House Tower and the super fun computerized water fountain.

The water jets move all around and the kids chase them.

Ah, but some try to hedge their bets. Go to the waterfront! You will not be disappointed. Head to the water's edge, and go right, or go left. It's all awesome, and will just keep getting better.

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I dodged the whole BIg Dig thing. Moved to New York when it started, came back for vacation when it was done. A stunning before and after experience. For all the naysayers and grousers, it is truly a transformative project. Was it worth the financial cost? I'll leave that to others. Subjectively, my answer would be: Yes!
As a resident of the North End, I am fortunate enough to call this "Endless Stroll" you speak of my "daily commute" by foot to MassChallenge HQs on Fan Pier. Born and raised in SoCal, lived in Hawaii for two years, travelled all over Europe and I still think this is one of the most beautiful stretches of urban oasis the world over. Thanks for helping me further realize its unique charm.