24 Hours to Apply: 10 Reasons Why TechStars Boston Will Rock

With just 24 hours to go before the TechStars Boston application deadline, here are my top 10 reasons why TechStars Boston will rock in 2011:

1. Location, location, location. Thanks to Boston Properties and Microsoft, TechStars is located in amazing space at One Cambridge Center. Come out of the T. Walk 215.933 feet, and you're there!

2. Mentors, Mentors, Mentors. We have a great list of mentors ready to help the TechStars companies with advice and investment.
3. Wide support for Techstars from investors. TechStars Boston is now backed by a large list of local angel investors and VCs.
4. A four year commitment - We have raised enough money to support 40-50 new companies over the next four years, which means that TechStars Boston is on the firmest financial footing and can plan for the long term.

5. Enthusiastic Boston community has reached out to support TechStars including all the supporting services that make startups work.

6. We will be close to hundreds of other start-ups and the world’s smartest people.

7. Because we have TechStars NYC down the road!

8. 500+great applicants to the program and the progress they will make this year!

9. Katie Rae - TechStars Boston new Managing Director, Katie brings new energy and skill to running TechStars Boston.  And TS has a bonus with Reed Sturtevant her partner in Project 11 also helping!

10. 10 (or 11) Great companies. The core of any TechStars session is the quality of the companies and the people in those companies. We've had over 500 applications to Boston this year, and we'll be picking the best ones!
It really is only 215.933 feet from the Kendall T to the front door of One Cambridge Center.
A sunset view from TechStars space. This the MIT Green Building.
Our Fearless Leader: Katie Rae.