Horror Movie For Buildings: SAW MCMXXXII: Boston's Cut-Off Buildings Bleed Brick, Granite and Tears

Take a look at these two wharf buildings on Cross Street in Boston. At first glance, they look like any other wharf building, but a closer look reveals that these nice brick patterns are more than decoration. These are brick supports the held the rafters to parts of the buildings that were cleaved off to make way for the widening and extension of Cross Street back in the 1930's. (Thats where the MCMXXXII comes from) The buildings were in the way as the Sumner Tunnel was opening and traffic needed to flow, so the buildings had to give their left arm in the name of progress.
1928 Bromley Map of the area, before the Sumner Tunnel, before the widening of North Street, and Before Cross Street was widened and extended to Mercantile Street. Our cut-off buildings current footprints are shown in overlay.
1938 Bromley Map shows the completed roads and the Sumner Tunnel
Most people think that these buildings got cut off for the Central Artery. Not true. This overlay of the 1928 and 1938 maps shows that Cross Street was widened and extended. North street was also widened. I've left the 1938 portion a bit transparent so you can see just how many buildings were taken out for the Sumner Tunnel project. You can also see the Police Station and the City Printing plant, also built at the time. As I understand it, the Tunnel was built by the City. Not sure if any State or Federal money was used.
This 1969 Aerial photo shows that the Central Artery was considerably further away from the cut-off buildings. It also shows the newer Calahan Tunnel, which opened in 1961. Hmm..., is that an auto junkyard I see where the Quincy Market Parking Garage now stands? Those cars are way too close for it to be a parking lot!
But the Central Artery did lead to two other buildings getting cut off. This overlay shows just how close the highway came to the cut off buildings near the Customs House (You can view it here in the Boston Atlas).
This aerial photo from 1995 shows the Central Artery.
And here's the cut-off building in a recent Google Street View image. You can easily see where the granite facing was sawed off, and where the rafter bricks are still visible. This building has been further renovated after the completion of the Big Dig, since the windows and balconies have a wonderful view. Back in the 50's,  this side would have had a great view of the elevated highway.
I find it particularity ironic that the Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel seems to purposely mimic the cut-off nature of the other wharf buildings, complete with windows added to the cut-off side. I wonder if they discussed adding some brick rafter-holders to complete the effect! From a Google Street View.
And here is a Google Maps view of just some of the cut-off buildings in Boston. Click here to open the map. Click here to see the first building in street view. Then just click each of the numbered map items to see each building in street view.